Capitalization of pipeline

Most sales organizations are facing a new reality. We can no longer live by our existing customers. Each account manager has been affected by mergers, bankruptcies, centralized purchasing and suddenly, as lightning from a clear sky, the account managers longstanding client has disappeared and a large gab is created in the budget.

The task is simple: find new customers. But for the most salespeople this sales discipline for is the hardest of all. Many sales cultures do not have the needed framework, skills and processes in place to ensure a continuous flow of new customers.

Capitalization of pipeline focuses on this challenge. The concept is implemented with selected account manages in one or more sales departments. The account managers are working with their own list of prospects and aiming to concluding sales agreements and generate revenue.

Throughout the project 2sellIT will provide participants sales training and technics. This will include training in setting up sales appointments, sales via phone and training in hosting sales meetings, where 2sellIT can participate as an observer and afterwards evaluate the effort and result.


  • Participants are very positive about the initiative. This creates energy in the sales organization.
  • Sales organizations are doing really well in the somewhat unusual situation.
  • The development and testing tools for more effective selling.
  • Create an overview of contact information and decision-makers, which could also benefit in other marketing contexts.

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Capitalization of pipeline

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