Are you a vendor, distributor or dealer and satisfied with the sales generated by your resellers?? If this is not the case, then Mentordays is relevant.

Mentordays are designed to help dealers, vendors and distributors, who wants to increase the activity level and by this increase the income. Mentordays creates product focus and competition within the sales staff.

The primary objective with Mentordays is to increase sales activity and through this increase the income. In addition to this where are several other benefits:

  • Pipeline and orders are generated and this will increase sales.
  • The account managers will increase their product knowledge and get a closer relationship with the vendor, distributor and products.
  • The customers will increase their knowledge with the resellers, the vendor, the distributor and the products.
  • The account managers will gain sales tools for a more efficiency sales process and will gain experience with these.
  • A knowledgebase with contact information and decision makers are build. This can of cause be use for other marketing activities.

We typically experience that each participant per day set up 5-6 meetings with new customers or close several orders. Simultaneously, participants discover how they can create new customer relationships, and they discover how to built lasting and positive ways achive results.

Feel free to send an email to or contact us by phone 70 26 28 68 if you are interested in a deeper dialogue on the above.

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