Let 2sellIT qualify your leads

Does your sales department struggles with the lead lists that are not updated, or do they not have enough information about the leads to conduct well targeted campaigns? In case of this their efforts can become more efficient, and your earnings improved.

Let 2sellIT qualify the leads for you.

We will make the calls in your name and get the information that I want. This could include relevant contact person, permission to send emails, products and systems in use, etc. We will plan the content and scope of questions in cooperation with you.

At the start of the project you provide a list of leads to 2sellIT. This lead list must, at a minimum, contain the name and telephone number of the companies you want us to contact. Together with this we will agree on:

  • Which person / function in the company to be contacted.
  • Which questions to be answered.

By the end of the project 2sellIT will report the outcome of the talks. The report, sent via email, will include at least the following information about the lead:

  • Company Name
  • Street and House No
  • Zip and city
  • Phone No
  • Contact person and title
  • Answers to the specific questions and commentary, if any

Afterwards you can freely and without restriction, use the information reported.

Feel free to send an email to info@2sellit.com or contact us by phone 70 26 28 68 if you are interested in a deeper dialogue on the above.

2sellIT - Vinkelvej 1 - DK-3400 Hillereod - Denmark - Telefon +45 70 26 28 68 - e-mail info@2sellIT.com