Let 2sellIT set up your meetings

If you in need of higher earnings, more customers, higher sales volume etc, you need to start sales activities and start up dialogues with customers – this is done by meeting them face to face.

Most sales organizations are aware of the fact that you constantly need to meet new customers, but in many cases this is down prioritized because of daily tasks with existing customers.

Let 2sellIT set up your meetings. We will call in your name, present your message and set up the meetings for you.

At 2sellIT we are working with a “no cure no pay” concept, that includes a cancellation guarantee – if a meeting is cancelled we will set up a new meeting free of charge.

After the assignments you will receive an updated list of the prospects. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us on phone +45 70 26 28 68 or send us a e-mail on info@2sellit.com if you need further information.

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