Establishing a new market
       1.  A newly started IP-audio and -video company wanted to get started fast. Thus they hired 2sellIT to identify a list of Danish companies with 2+ locations. 2sellIT then booked and held meetings with these AND did the follow up and closing of deals regarding test-runs with IP-audio and –video solutions.


An American producer of network-equipment wanted to establish themselves on the Danish market. They hired 2sellIT to hold meetings with a given list of top-100 clients. When a delivery-agreement was made with some of these clients, the order was given to a dealer and thus made the foundation of a future cooperation. In this way the dealer-network was build at the same time.


A foreign supplier of web-filters wished more clients in Denmark and Sweden. They made a deal with 2sellIT about a continuous booking of meetings with a selected list of dealers in Denmark as well as Sweden.

Customer Analysis
1.  One of Denmark’s biggest software distributors wished to uncover their dealer’s needs for information. They therefore hired 2sellIT to call to all dealers and get permission to e-mail the dealers with news on various products/solutions and manufactures.

 Market growth


The world’s biggest IT-company wished to increase sales to their dealers. They hired 2sellIT to assist their dealer’s to book meetings and to coach the dealers in sales of solutions. These activities did result in about 300 meetings and a far closer cooperation between the dealer and supplier.


A big software-dealer wished to increase the monthly new-biz. They hired 2sellIT over a year to assist the sales staff 3 days every month in booking of meetings.


A big national IT-dealer wished to increase sales activities substantially. They hired 2sellIT to run “Go in front”-days in both their east- and west-department at the same time. This resulted in a substantial increase in the number of meetings and closing more orders.

 License-agreement renewal
1.  The world leading anti-virus provider experienced that renewal of licenses – especially in connection with the change of distributors, staff, dealers and so forth. They hired 2sellIT to renew the larger part of their licenses in connection with the distributors and dealers. 2sellIT’s assistance resulted in a significant growth also on the turnover.
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