Public tenders

To write, deliver and last but not least to win a public tender is a long, extensive and time consuming process that cost an enormous amount of resources.

I smaller organizations will this task most often be handed over to a person responsible of sales, who can handle this task alongside the daily business. This resulting in the need to take out time from the calendar, to attend to this wide task, whereby the daily business will be set aside thus resulting in lost earnings.

At 2sellIT we hold experience within this area. We can therefore assist you in the process of drafting a tender. We of cause can’t guarantee you to win the tender, but we can raise the winner chances substantially through improved quality. Moreover we can secure that the right resources are allocated to the task, which will result in improved efficiency and hereby also enabling focus on the daily busyness as well.

2SellIT services regarding Public Tenders
  • Public Tenders surveillance - 2SellIT offers to follow up on upcoming Public Tenders within the sector and market you select. You will get detailed information on the coming tenders. Afterwards you can decide which tenders you want to participate in.
  • Assisting in the process of drafting a tender - 2SellIT can guarantee that your chances to win the tender can rise substantially through improved professional quality. We can assure that alongside with your existing expertise, we will provide possibilities that will enable your company to evolve and to win the tender.

If you are interested in a deeper dialogue about the above, you are welcome to write to us or calling +45 70 26 28 68.

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