Telephone-sales or telemarketing is an efficient tool to present your company or book meetings. After a sales-meeting a phone-call can perhaps close the order. The telephone is a superb tool to offer new or traditional products to existing clients. You can expand your sales territory since the phone allows you to call local, national and even global subjects.

Advantages by Telemarketing:


Increased efficiency, because you can reach more clients via the phone than by personal contact.
     •   You can deliver a fast and personal feedback to the client-subjects questions and attend to the problems in the process.
     •   Increased relationship-marketing.
     •   The phone is a brilliant tool to keep in touch with existing clients, and to introduce new products to them.

At 2sellIT we will help you in 2 areas within telemarketing:


You can either outsource the sales-task to us. We will make the sale in your name and leave it to your business to stand as the supplier of the sold products.
     •   We can train and coach your employees to reach higher sales numbers by taking them trough our telemarketing activities.

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