Mentorday at Great Place to Work
With succes we have conducted a Mentorday at Great Place to Work. Click here to see how it was.

Sales meetings

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Available jobs
Are you our new employee - or do you know someone who is interested in an exciting and extroverted job? See what we are looking for.

Lead qualifications

At 2sellIT we get answers to our questions. We use this to create the necessary knowledge to analyze a market.

Are you in need of an updated customer database, qualifications of your prospects, get a good solid foundation for decision making on the marketing of a new product or the like ??

We commit to the assignment. We call the prospects and get the answers to the agreed issues. Subsequently, we provide answers for you, so that you can analyze and apply the results.

Welcome to 2sellIT

2sellIT is an advisor and executive consulting business specialized in optimization of sales. Our knowledge is based on many years experience with focus on building customer-pipeline and –relations.

The red thread through our many products is optimization of sales results achieved through a more efficient focus and contribution. Our goal is that our services become an integrated part of our client’s sales and marketing strategy.

Are you a manufacturer, distributor or partner will 2sellIT be the right service-provider, if you wish growth in your sales and marketing results.


Establishment of a sales-channel:
Are you a manufacturer or distributor can vi help you in each local market. By establishing the bespoke sales-channel, so you will achieve success in you new market. We do this by combining a local knowledge with long experience and a large personal network.


Optimizing the direct sales:
If you have a team of direct sales people, then 2sellIT can help you optimize them and make them more efficient in their sales efforts. We do this through “Mentordays”, where we will develop the individual salesperson to achieve better results.

Do you wish to build a team of direct sales people can 2sellIT work as your sales department in a limited period? In this way you can get started right away and your future sales people enter something that is already up and running.

2sellIT is capable to assist your company in achieving the set targets.
2sellIT - Vinkelvej 1 - DK-3400 Hillereod - Denmark - Telefon +45 70 26 28 68 - e-mail